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Ceramic sand is how to produce?[ 12-30 20:48 ]
Ceramic sand is mainly by the sintering process and melting process made.
What is the principle of grinding process?[ 12-30 20:46 ]
Frosted in chemistry is to use glass silica sand, emery, pomegranate powder abrasive grinding or manual grinding machinery on its surface is made of rough, uniform, can also carry out the processing of glass and other objects surface with hydrofluoric acid solution, the products become frosted glass. Beauty is in the scrub exfoliates with frosted manner, although the effect is good, but not commonly used, should according to their own skin and.
What are some of the common abrasive?[ 12-30 20:45 ]
Common abrasive mainly Zong Gangyu, white corundum, glass beads, stainless steel bolus abrasive material, which number is different, the effect also is not the same!
Ceramic sand can be applied to what industry?[ 12-30 20:44 ]
Ceramic sand mainly for zirconium oxide as raw materials, the superfine grinding is widely used in non metallic minerals powder material, grinding and is widely used in the coatings, paints, inks, dyes and other industries material and dispersion. Many paint factory, paint factory after use with glass beads compared, grinding efficiency increased by 30%, the white degree rise 2-3 degrees. High temperature resistant.
How to remove the oxide skin, reducing the metal color?[ 12-30 20:43 ]
Ceramic sand is not associated with any metal material to produce chemical reaction, play no metal pollution, improve the texture of the metal color reduction.
Ceramic sand can spray mobile phone shell?[ 12-30 20:42 ]
Can, plastic shell and metal shell can be used.
What is the role of zirconia beads?[ 12-30 20:42 ]
Ultrafine grinding is mainly used zirconia beads in high hardness materials, high viscosity and dispersion, and can achieve zero pollution.
What reinforcement material surface sandblasting?[ 12-30 20:41 ]
Can use ceramic sand, can let the workpiece to increase strength, improve the fatigue life and surface strengthening and eliminating stress.
Deburring with what products?[ 12-30 20:40 ]
Ceramic sand can effectively remove all kinds of burr flash.
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